Nexttalk started in a living room with a group of parents who were overwhelmed with the new challenges of cyberparenting. Today, we’re a nonprofit organization in the state of Texas, and we’re an approved 501(c)(3) entity by the federal government.

Our leadership believes firmly that all resources given to our organization should first go to getting our message of open communication to parents. That’s why our board members, officers and volunteers are not paid at this stage in our development. We’re committed to our mission, and we’re giving of our own time, talents and financial support to make it happen. It’s not about a job; it’s about a cause. We are building the foundation for Nexttalk.
We are often asked, “How can I help?” We have some ideas for you:

You can give your TIME.

Yes, that valuable commodity TIME. Host a Nexttalk group in your home, church, school or other organization. We aren’t asking for you to lead. We just need you to take a little time to identify a facilitator and organize a meeting of parents. Donations make it possible for us to provide the video series and discussion questions at no cost to you. This is about building one big community of parents. Your donated time to encourage and inform others is absolutely invaluable.

You can give your TALENTS.

We are constantly on the lookout for those willing to share their expertise in tech, counseling, education, parenting, etc. You’re our community of advisors!

We currently have these volunteer opportunities:

Tech Team:

We need parents, school officials and students (ages 14-22) to a part of our TechTeam. This group will review, learn and give feedback on apps. Here is the process: When we need an app reviewed, we send a PDF-fillable form to our team. If you can do it, great—send us the feedback. If you can’t get to it, that’s okay too. We have a big team so someone else will pick up the task. For parents and school officials, it’s a great way to teach yourselves how to use different apps. For teens, it’s a great way to earn community service credit hours!

Medical/Counseling Team:

We’ve already met with local doctors and counselors to compile a referral list. Many of the issues that parents contact us with require a medical professional. If you’d like to be included on that list, we’d like to meet with you. You are welcome to charge your current rates for services, but we simply need a growing referral list for our community.

Social Media Team:

If you love designing memes or posting on social media, we’d love to talk with you.

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities or want to help with Nexttalk in another way, please contact us here at:

You can give your FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

We know that you are busy, and giving time/talents may not be practical. We are committed to creating the finest quality and timely resources available for our community. We are working face-to-face with parents in our communities, teaching, informing and connecting with them at meetings, events and conferences. Staying up-to-date and providing these resources in this fast-paced digital world is challenging, so your financial support is key to making this happen. We are a registered 501(3)c nonprofit entity, so all contributions are tax deductible. To make a donation, please click this link to a secure site:

Square Donate

If you would like to mail a check please send it to: nextTalk, PO Box 160111 San Antonio, TX 78280

Once your donation has been confirmed, you will be emailed a receipt for your tax records. If you have any questions about your donation, please contact our accountant at

You can support Nexttalk through your Amazon purchases at no additional cost to you. Nexttalk is an officially approved Amazon non-profit. Just click the link on the banner below, or:

  1. Go to
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  3. Search for Nexttalk (based in San Antonio)

Each eligible purchase you make will result in a donation to our nonprofit organization and help keep kids safe online. Thank you for your support!