Join our Team

Do you want to serve with nextTalk because you are passionate about our mission? Have you experienced firsthand the amazing benefit of creating a culture of open communication in your home? Well then, we want to hear from you! (Note: Many of our volunteer positions DO NOT require you to live locally (San Antonio, Texas), most can be done remotely.)

Step ONE: Are you…

  • a Christian that believes Jesus is the one true Savior? (nextTalk operates under a statement of faith at all times)
  • ¬†able to commit time weekly to nextTalk? (We’re flexible but need you to be dependable)
  • able to work well independently and are self-motivated?
  • willing to work well with others and connect regularly? (in person or virtually)
  • willing to learn new skills and possibly be stretched a little?
  • wanting to volunteer (unpaid) because you love the idea of helping families and not because you are looking for fame and fortune? (neither of which we have to offer)
  • equipped with all the capabilities to work from home? (i.e. computer, internet, phone, WIFI, etc.)
  • genuine, honest, kind and hard working?

If you answered yes to all of the above, GREAT! Move on to step TWO.

Step TWO: Tell us about you.